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thats all folks   
01:02am 14/01/2005
mood: working
well, i hate to say this, but this is gonna be my last entry on livejournal. I said i was never gonna join myspace but i did and now im hooked and w/ school, having a life, aol im, and myspace, there's just no room for livejournal, maybe when things slow down ill be able to go back to my roots. Ill still always be on aim, my sn will always stay cynnicism on it, dont know y, its a dumb name, and ill still be on myspace of course. Lov u all!-james
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10:38pm 08/01/2005
mood: defeated
I lost the war. Im getting myspace. U guys r evil, i gave in. Bitches. lov james
News Years Bash Part Uno y Dos   
07:24pm 07/01/2005
mood: busy
ok, i was finally able to get the new years pics up and running thanx to the lovely amanda. I was looking at them, and i realized man, alcohol has put a couple pounds under the belt, not like, omg or anything, but still, gotta get back. So, me and sandy r doin the diet thing, yes, diet thing, please, no harsh "fuckin hipocrite" quotes, im sorry, but were doin it.bitches. Well, heres the pics of the first night of celebration at julies shindig and the second day of celebration at my shindig. Enjoy the dazed faces of the drunken people. lov u all, james

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10:14am 06/01/2005
mood: happy
Heres some more pictures of me and amanda and a few people at the mall, we were camera whores that day, im gonna see if we can get some pics up from new years, ttyl all, lov james

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10:07am 06/01/2005
mood: happy
I finally got dsl, kick ass. well, thats all i have to say, ill be on soon and replyin, lov u all-james
mmmmhmmm, usin the school computer   
10:57am 03/01/2005
mood: sore
yeah, im fuckin tired. All ive wanted to do is sleep, and i havent gotten much of it this weekend. Went to one of Julies shin dig new years ever party, got trashed beyond recognition. I swear it was such a fag party, at least 3/4 of the people were homos, well, a lot of lesbians, so of course the home depo stereotyped jokes lasted the whole evening. The next day i had to work, happy hangover, ill get some pics in soon, i swear. Threw a party/kickback at my house, my hjouse got trashed, kool aid and vodka everywhere, lovely combo, then i had to work, fuck i need sleep, god dammit. Ill start replying to posts once i start getting my now promised dsl and new computer that keeps getting delayed. fuck. lov james
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thank god i get to use the comp for a bit   
10:46am 20/12/2004
mood: artistic
im at my friend sandys house, were gettin ready to gob get our tattoo's done at 2:00 today, but alas, were indecisive, our last minute google searches on star tattoos and we stumbled upon 3, so now were gonna be even more spontaneous and pick one of these three, plus we gotta stop by a store and get me some wife beaters cause it is damn cold if i remember correctly in voodoo lounge tattoo. Plus sandys taking pic's of us getting it done so when i finally get my dsl hooked up i can put em on, well, heres the three stars that were debating, ttyl soon all- lov james
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the asshole internet people closed my internet account 4 a while for dsl. verizon online=bitches   
10:11am 16/12/2004
mood: annoyed
ok well, before im gone for a week or something from the hell that is no internet connection, ive been doing this random quiz for a bit in class so i finally finished. ttyl all-james
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11:52pm 11/12/2004
mood: bouncy
Me and Sandy Pic

We got our pics done at the mall like planned and then we bought crap 4 friends and eachother, she got me these shoes ive been wanting but i forgot about them, but then i well, remembered, lol, i got her the "tears 4 fears" cd shes been wanting, a vibrator w/ multiple functions, lol, sex dice and a small box of godiva chocolates, im thinkin about getting her a lil box of chocolate liquors, god were drunks. We both have to act completely surprised when we give it to eachother, even though we were both at the registers when we transacted, lol. I cant wait til our ink date for our tattoo's next monday, ive been cravin another one, im a ink whore. Im gonna watch a few cheesy 80's movies, nite all-james
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hey guys   
10:41am 10/12/2004
mood: grateful
ok, so not tooo much has happened l8ly. I think it was sunday anthony intro'd me to this guy. And i decided, hey, be a whore, be spontaneous, go make out w/ him, so i did. I then come to find out that he doesn't speak much english, and im not even quite sure what his name is, soooooooo, shit, but i still think that i shall stay single and not deal w/ that stuff, until i can find somebody that clicks w/ me mentally, cause frankly, i think it would be a little hard engaging in a funny/articulate conversation with a foreign exchange student. in other news, im getting another tattoo not this weekend but next, me and sandy r gonna get it done together, i know its played out, but were getting a star "volcom style" on our shoulder blade, yes cliched, but hey, itll look bitchen. And i promise to get a pic up soon of my other tattoo for those who havent seen it, it wouldve happened sooner but i got one of those jewish cameras where its digital/webcam all in one, its very lame, wall mart style, lol. gonna go to the mall today and get pics done w/ sandy, finish my evil list that is christmas shopping, stay the night and do a kill bill marathon and watch foreign films that here friend julie i think is bringing, ttyl <3-james
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08:40pm 03/12/2004
mood: stressed
god, i am soooo unbelievibly tired, its annoying. I dont know what the masculine word for bitchy is, but whatever it is, thats what i am. I just got back from lenwood mall w/ anthony, once again his fagness felt like a blanket on me, now, u all know i can have my "gay days" but still, the thought of muffling myself in a pair of tommy jeans felt very tempting. I'm re-taking my SAT'S tomorrow, god dammit, i havent even thought of studying, ill just stop kidding myself and start spelling words with the mult. choice answers come test time. I also get to lug the damn christmas trees out at work starting tomorrow, fucking winter. I also hope my manda panda is ok, she's got me real worried about her madre, i hope her mom pulls through fine, if she's reading this, she is CONSTANTLY in my thoughts and I <333333 her. I might go to wal mart tonight, i forgot, i mean, uhhhh, i have to get some more presents that i saved till the last minute to get people, or maybe cosco, nothin says i love you like a bulk supply of jerky and 5 dozen eggs. nite all-james
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Niquil is such a fucking tease   
02:42am 28/11/2004
mood: tired
im so incredibly tired right now, im still felling the aftershocks of friday, i decided, hey, im gonna wake up at 4 in the morning to go to the afterthanksgiving sales going on all over victorville at 6 in the morning, so i do, and it was fucking crazy, everyone was acting crazy, i mean, a girl w/ polio 4 gods sakes was getting shoved and pushed this way in that through the lines as if she was a fucking soccerball. but on the plus, i got a gripload a stuff, unfortunately, we had to go back to silver lakes 3 times cause our car/trunk kept getting full, this is the one time where i fell under wall-marts spell, and my bank account felt the stabs. I went to work today, and i have a sneaking suspicion that my boss is a closeted married homosexual, he kepts saying all they sexual inuendos to me, that really freak me out, but i play it coey and pray that if him starring at my ass gets me a raise, then so be it. there may be a chance of snow here, so thatyll be interesting, although i dont think itll top monday when we had all that snow. Well, im gonna drown myself in Niquil, praying that the intoxication of medicinal crappy cherry flavor will knock me into a temporary coma until 12 in the afternoon, nite all-james
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i knew my lazy ass would have to update soon and not just post quizzes   
07:54pm 23/11/2004
mood: optimistic
well, not too much has happened in the past week/2 weeks. me and josh broke up, which surprisingly, happened really nicely, cause normally i dont have such a positive outlook on my x's, but strangely, i couldnt be happier single. Oh, we went to see that movie saw a while ago, which kicked ass. Got bitched at by mi familia for my shitty attendence again, apparently the school says i never go. ROSE! u gotta tell me all the funness that u did in lake tahoe, and how many girls u banged :p, lol. I think im gonna stay single for a while too, have self destructive sex, and cry naked in the shower, well, maybe not the last part, maybe itll just be a bath, lol. In other news, im really loving my ceramics class, ive made a few cool things, im getting really hapy with em, and non of them have exploded in the kiln, so that rocks, my friend marybeth made me a bowl w/ a plum glaze, i shall eat rice in it, and it shall be awesome, but, knowing my luck, there will be traces of lead in it and i will choke and die, but at least the reice will taste good. well, ill leave u all on this note, the new word for condoms is= weiner mittens, yes weiner mittens, my articulate english teacher told me it, go fucking figure.-james
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ok just one more quiz i swear   
10:59am 18/11/2004
mood: drained

Which Random Image are you?
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Oh wow, its like this quiz knows us all   
10:25am 18/11/2004
mood: drained
moist_mascara and let_me_love are having sweet, creamy buttsex!
paino_desperado kissed minervagal under the mistletoe. Twice. In June.
luv2bloved, paino_desperado and minervagal are involved in a sordid love-triangle, with moist_mascara totally unaware!
paino_desperado collects other people's underwear!
minervagal performed a "sexual act" upon ladyvampre in a public toilet!
spasticjames found bondage equipment under allergic2stupid's bed!

Enter your username to dish the dirt on your friends!

Ill update soon i swear, im just a lazy slut
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10:51am 05/11/2004
mood: horny
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10:15am 01/11/2004
mood: hungover
ughhhhh, hangover, i hate halloween, fuck.
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Awesome Possum   
08:22pm 29/10/2004
mood: happy
ive had a really good week, lol. Granted as usual, ive ditched more than i have ever intended at school, some good things have come out of it. I got an awesome Boyfriend named josh outta my ditchings, who kicks ass and i love him, and no, im not just saying that cause i forced him to get a livejournal account or he would feel my squirrely wrath. hey baby, go get me a beer, lol. haha, im watchin vhi's best week ever and its makin fun of the fact that ashlee simpson lip synch's. well, im gonna go overdose on some advil gotta headache, gonna talk to josh 2nite i hope, lov ya all-james
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12:57am 23/10/2004
mood: exhausted
yeah, not too much has gone on these past couple weeks. Went to my friend Julies halloween bash a few days back, got drunk, and uh, shit happens, and thats all im saying on that matter. Went to lenwood mall w/ anthony aka fez, who is driving me crazy by the way, i mean, i have no problem admitting im a homo, but he has to like, advertise it everywhere. I mean, we were inside guess and hes like, "this looks cute", "this is hot", oo "sexy", and i just cant take it, i am never gonna get w/ this guy, ever, i mean, if i wanted to date a chick, then i would, u know, lol. Well, imma go to bed soon, i havent updated so i thought id put in a lil blurb, and tomorrow, ill start replying to comments, cause ive just been a lazy bitch, lol, lov ya all-james
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10:46pm 13/10/2004
mood: relaxed
k, havent updated this baby in a while. Nothin new has really happened, just been watching way to much horror movies, so basically every time i hear a noise i go into these funny lil comas, its hilarious, lol. Having a garage sale this weekend w/ the whole block or whatever, its this big thing they have every year, well, i guess the old farts get a kick outta it, so hey, whatever makes em happy, so basically, im gonna depart from a lot of loved things, clothes, bunch of junk most see as well, junk, but me, pricele....er, actually, now that i think about it, its a whole lotta shit, god damn, i shouldve gotten rid of some of this crap a lot sooner. oh, and im not getting my hopes up too much, but were supposed to go on an aids walk this weekend on sunday, please god, let there be no music that makes me twitch, thats my only fear, ohh, and some "leather daddy" grabbing my ass, thatyll get me down too, other than that, i have high hopes of it turning out to be a good day, well, my coffee driven insomnia is starting to wear off, so im gonna go pass out, nite all-james
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